Brass Tube, Copper Tube, Aluminum-Brass Tube, Cupronickel Tube, Brass Strip, Brass Rod, Copper Wire Rod are our main offers.

We sell brass tube of Iran, China and Turkey. service is one of active sections of Azarbaijan Net co.,ltd. in copper alloy field. is a powerful trading group in international marketing of copper alloys such as Brass Tube, Copper Tube, Sheets, Bar, Slab, Rod, Wire rod, Strips, Copper Cathode, Brass fittings, Copper fittings, ... which provides these commodities from all over the world according to clients' orders! why is the main source of brass and copper alloys because we are in close relations with most of manufacturers, sellers and know the quality of their products! We will be glad if you select us! is the best source for all countries!
Please do not hesitate to contact Azarbaijan Net co., Ltd. International Trade Network.
We provide copper and brass tube according to ASTM, BS,  DIN, GB, JIS standards
Pricing is based on LME and Fabrication cost is an available source for real manufacturers and traders all over the world and we welcome all of the activists in this field! Try to SELL or BUY copper alloys through
:.**We are able to supply zinc ingot and brass slab from Iran

لوله برنجی، لوله مسی، لوله کوپرونیکل، لوله آلومینیومی-برنجی، نوار برنجی و مسی، میله گرد برنجی و سایر محصولات مسی و برنجی

برای دریافت پروفورما و قرارداد فروش با ما تماس بگیرید 00989331212101

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