Brass Wire Shaped wire- profiles

Size : 1.00 mm to 8.00 mm
Tamper: Soft, Half Hard, Hard
Materials : Wire and rods are chemically pure as SHG zinc and copper cathodes (LME registered)
are primary components of the raw material.
Applications : Our brass rod has been manufactured to handle your more diverse applications such as:
1. Redraw
2. Cold heading, screws and other cold headed parts
3. Swaging, in applications such as rivets
4. Zipper wire
5. Mechanical fabrication, sodder, brazing
6. Screen wire
7. Jewelry, lipstick cases
8. Electrical contacts
Packaging : For your ease of work, you can choose from a wide variety of packing alternatives we offer:
1. Wooden reels
2. Mill and jumbo coils
3. Payoff packages

A few of our more common shapes include:
* Rounds
* Triangles
* Diamonds
* A-Shapes
* semi Ovals
* Full Ovals
Packaging : Packing as per customers requirements
Oscillated Coils 12", 16", 18", 24" I. D. 50 lbs. min. - 200 lbs max.
Cut to Length 2 meters maximum




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